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in this assessment

If you’re based in Vilnius or Kaunas, take courage to complete the test and assess your skills. You don’t need previous working experience as an Analyst – you can enroll the assessment even if you’re in year 3 or 4 of your studies!



your problem-solving skills

Complete a 20min assessment and solve the tasks to show us how good you are at solving business problems and your general IQ. We’ll skip long application processes and make things clear quickly!

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Get the job

at Civitta in Vilnius or Kaunas

When you pass the test with at least a 50% score, you’re already on the shortlist of candidates! Make a coffee, go for a walk, or hug your cat – whatever helps you relax, and be patient until Civitta contacts you directly to talk about the available opportunities and the next steps.

Career opportunities at Civitta are endless!

Civitta values talent that have the ambition to grow on a personal level and make an impact on a full scale in their geographies. It doesn’t matter if you start as a Junior Analyst or a Project Manager – you always have overhead room to grow at Civitta. If you choose to, you’ll make leaps on your career ladder and exploit your talents in the best way possible! Junior Analyst -> Analyst -> Senior Analyst -> Project Manager -> Associate Partner -> Partner – this is our current scheme that has already produced excellent leaders.

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Meet our team

...The second thing is the flexibility. As a student who is doing her bachelor’s degree, it is very important for me to juggle and combine work and study. And in this respect, Civitta gives you the ability to manage your own time...

Nini Gigani, Junior Consultant at Civitta Lithuania

When I joined Civitta four years ago as an undergraduate looking for different ways to put my Economics degree into practice, I found so much more. I discovered a true challenge that keeps on pushing me forward -- facilitating organisational development or some of the most influential national reforms, quantifying public policy into euros and cents, searching for new ways to improve open governance. I came here for a chance to try out many exciting things at once and I am staying for brilliant colleagues and exponential professional and personal growth.

Dovile Ivanauskaite, Senior Analyst at Civitta Lithuania

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Take part in this win-win game. Start now!

Test your analytical skills

Challenge yourself in a comprehensive test. We’re sure you’ll feel your strengths and areas to improve while completing this assessment!

Get a job at Civitta

Demonstrate your knowledge, score high, make it to the shortlist of candidates to join the amazing culture of challengers in Vilnius or Kaunas!

Enter our talent list

Even if we choose someone else for this position, we’ll have your name on our database, so we can contact you for other jobs in our partner network if they fit you.


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