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  • Learn how to setup and combine Amazon AWS EC2 Instance + LEMP stack + WordPress/WooCommerce to self-host your website or online store - (mostly free hosting)
  • Learn how to self-host your own website on an Amazon AWS EC2 Cloud Instance - (mostly free hosting)
  • Very basic introduction to the Amazon AWS Dashboard
  • Learn some AWS EC2 basics - dashboard, navigation, functionalities, instance create & setup, etc
  • Learn how to control & manage AWS EC2 instances

Chương trình giảng dạy

2giờ 9phút
Phần 1: Introduction
Phần 2: AWS EC2 Linux Instance setup
AWS EC2 Linux Instance setup
Phần 3: LEMP setup (nginx, mysql, php)
Nginx Install
MySQL Database Server Install
PHP Install & Nginx Server-Block Setup
Phần 4: SSL, DNS, A Records
SSL, DNS, A Records - Part 1
SSL, DNS, A Records - Part 2
Phần 5: WordPress + WooCommerce setup
Setup MySQL Database for WordPress Website
Install WordPress
Install WooCommerce

Mô tả

Yêu cầu

  • Ideally you should know some Linux, and understand the difference between LAMP and LEMP stacks
  • It is strongly recommended that you already have some Linux knowledge/skills
  • You need to be technically inclined, and comfortable with IT in general
  • This course is NOT for non-technical people. I have another similar but easier course for non-technical people
  • If you have never used Linux before, then you should take my other Windows based course, it's easier

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