The Daredevil

Believes that Living is either an exciting adventure or nothing at all.

49% The Daredevil.


  • ICO Marketing Specialist
  • Investment Risk Manager & Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Influencer
  • Business Owner / Entrepreneur


Daredevils aren’t known for holding back. They want to experience everything life has to offer. They often step out of their comfort zone and do things no one else is willing to do. This presents them with opportunities no one else had the chance to explore.


Where others see discomfort - daredevils see opportunity. They are at the forefront of each technological revolution and never miss out. Daredevils like to set trends - not follow them, backed up by a strong analytical mind and experience they always manage to make the best of a bad situation.


Daredevils are spontaneous and quick to change their minds. They have the ability to easily forget or ignore something that they’ve started if it doesn’t bring the desired results immediately. They’re hard to work with because they’re fast-paced and complete most tasks without giving much thought.