The Pathfinder

You either find the correct path to take or make one yourself!

5% The Pathfinder.


  • Marketing Executive
  • Customer Acquisition Expert
  • Public Relations Executive
  • SEO & Keyword Analyst
  • Creative Writer for blog or website
  • Copywriter

Absolute Excellence

Pathfinders never stop at “good enough” they have a strict code of conduct when it comes to their work. They’re cunning, inventive and relentless. This can create difficulties when working with people that aren’t working as hard as they are.


When it gets rough, pathfinders get tougher. They do not get discouraged by failures, they get motivated by them. The most satisfying thing to them is rising up to the challenge of each obstacle in their run for the finish line.

Cold and Ruthless

Obsession with efficiency and results come at a cost. Pathfinders are incredibly insensitive in the pursuit of their goals. Paying little to no regard for the sensitivities, personal circumstances of those around them.